Take a look at my experience

Work experience

APRIL 2018 - April 2019

RAND Boats

Webmaster and webdesigner working with WordPress website and plugins. Optimizing pagespeed, SEO and more. Assisting on SoMe content for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and layouting printjobs. 



Digital Concept Development

I learn to create and design digital concepts and solutions for organizations and companies. Concepts with a strong focus on commerce, marketing, communication and design.

AUGUST 2016 - JUNE 2018

Multimedia design

During my education at KEA, I worked in four main areas: Business, Communication & presentation, Interaction Development and Design & Visualization.


JANUARY 2015 - JUNE 2015


Setting up events, concerts and festivals.
Working with graphic design, event design, stage design and crafts. 


FEBRUARY 2018 - APRIL 2018

Design Intern

Collaborating with a team of developers and marketers my focus was the UX and UI of the new webstie of nomore. 

This is me

I’m a happy, danish, creative, friendly, coffee-drinking, curious, sketch-drawing, prototyping, designing, open-minded digital designer. I like to explore new ways of graphic expressions and ways to make the digital experience even better!

When I don’t design digital solutions I do yoga, travel, hangout with my friends or get caught up watching cute dogs on Instagram.

I’m Karoline and I’m exited to learn and do more!

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