I love creating

I want to create better digital experiences, meaning that I'm constantly aware of how to build and improve especially the UX aswell as the UI of a digital interface. I work in-depth with a project, understanding the challenges of a concept and working with a broad set of skills. Digital design is a big part of my work showcased in this portfolio.

I'm a T-shaped person.

I’m an AP Graduate in Multimedia Design and Communication from KEA, Copenhagen school of design and techonology, now studying my PBA in Digtal Concept Development.  Meaning that I have a broad knowledge about various subject areas, but at the same time, specializing within a specific area of knowlegde. In this case mine is digital design.  

User experience

I believe that UX is key when designing a great website. I've worked with UX in various projects, especially during my internship at No-more ApS, when redesigning thier new website.

Web Development

I have different experience with web development. I have worked with hard coding, bootstrap templates and wordpress sites with its customizable themes an pagebuilding plugins.

Web Design

I have a great interest in styles and trends when it comes to websites. Being very aesthetic minded I always strive to make things look - not just nice, but VERY nice!​

Theese are my
latest projects


I Do Creative.

During all of my projects I’ve worked within different creative processes. Design Thinking. Creative Problem Solving. Sprint based processes. Divergent and Convergent Thinking.
I’m used to the iterative process of creative projects, finding the right solution to a problem. I’m used to the chaotic and (sometimes) frustrating state of generating ideas, but I welcome theese feelings with an open mind for the ideas to flourish. 

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This is me

I am a happy, danish, creative, friendly, coffee-drinking, cake-eating, yoga-exercising, sketch-drawing, prototyping, webdesigning, openminded digital designer, doing crazy thoughts in my head and putting it on paper and into the web. 

My interests are mainly designing the web and developing the user experience. I like to explore new ways of graphic expressions and ways to make the web even better!

My name is Karoline Paarup, and I’m exited to learn and do more!

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