As the first project on Digital Concept Developement we designed a new concept for This concept evolved around changing the habits in everydaylife. Our approach was a digital web application based on machine learning, designed to costumize the final product to the costumers wishes and needs. 

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Dagligvarer online

My focus

User research, User experience, Divergent and Convergent Thinking, Generating ideas

Period of development

September 2018 - 2 weeks​


Focus on identifying new opportunities to support everyday habit structure

The Concept

The concept minimizes the costumer pain points of time and money used on online shopping. The convenient web app, simplifies the user experience through machine learning, and meets the values and needs of the costumer.

Machine learning


Client Feedback was quite positive about the idea about simplifying the user journey of online grocery shopping. They saw the possibility of using machine learing to optimize their online service. A concern about “death by form” was taken into conzideration. 

Finally, we considered how the solution could be optimized in relation to change the costumer’s everyday habits.  This concept requires that the user himself takes the initiative and is the “tricker” to using this solution. Saying this, this concept could ideally be part of a main concept, designed fit into the daily habits of the costumer. 


I'm Karoline.
I'm a Digital Concept Developer.

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